Adjustable Underarm Crutches

Our Safewalk™ custom adjustable underarm crutches are hand crafted from high-tensile aluminum or titanium tubing and are similar to our non adjustable versions.

These are adjustable versions of our  Safewalk™ Custom Underarm Crutches.  We have two versions of adjustable crutches.  One that uses snap buttons to adjust the crutch size (underarm pad to tip)  and the other that uses two screws.  The buttons are a little easier to use as you don’t need a screw driver but the screw based solution results in a more elegant and absolutely quiet crutch. Additionally, the two screw solution can be built so that the handhold to underarm pad distance can be adjustable as well.

Adjustments can be made in 3/4 inch increments.

In the case of the snap button adjustable crutch, to ensure the appropriate tube spacing of the lower part of the crutch, an extra handhold has been added.  The extra handhold can also be used as spare in the unlikely event of a handhold breakage.

Of course, like all our crutches, these crutches feature double feet.  We really believe in this feature as it greatly increases the non-slip effectiveness of the tips and increases the overall footprint size to resist sinking into soft surfaces.

We can also make the two screw adjustable crutch in very small models that are perfect for children as they can start off small and grow with your child.

adjustable underarm crutches

Adjustable Underarm Crutches – Ordering

If you would like us to make you a pair of our custom adjustable underarm crutches please use the measurements list (below) to carefully describe your crutch requirements. Quotations are based upon time and materials plus shipping. Ask us for a quote, you may be surprised by our pricing.

Please remember these custom adjustable underarm crutches will significantly outlast the common commercially available crutches.

As these are completely custom adjustable underarm crutches, we will need the following information to make sure they are properly designed and sized.

A) Height of person.

B) Weight of person.

C) Measurement from top of underarm support to center on hand support.

D) Measurement from center of hand support to the ground.

E) Measurement from top of underarm support to ground using where possible  present crutches.

F) The color and type of the tips that you would prefer.  Not all colors or types are available.  We can make the crutch to fit your existing tips.

Contact us at Custom Welding to order or describe the custom adjustable underarm crutches that you need.

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