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Custom Crutches Testimonial

   We ask Gary Kingsley, our first Safewalk™ Underarm Crutches customer to describe for us how he uses his crutches and why this crutch design works so well for him in the real world. Gary, having lost his leg in a horrific motorcycle accident, has made use of his Safewalk™ custom crutches to keep active […] Continue reading →

Underarm Crutches vs Forearm Crutches

We are hearing  a lot of strongly expressed views regarding the wisdom of using underarm crutches vs forearm crutches.  As we make both forearm and underarm crutches, we felt that we should explore the strengths and weaknesses of each type so that we can better advise our customers. It is apparent, after speaking with many […] Continue reading →

New Adjustable Underarm Crutches

custom welding logo Safewalk™Titanium Adjustable Underarm Crutches We have been asked to modify our successful Safewalk™ Titanium Custom Underarm Crutches so that they can be adjusted to accommodate different kinds of footwear and so they can be taken apart for packing/shipping or travel. The design we came up with maintains the phenomenal strength and durability of our regular […] Continue reading →