Crutches for Children

We now have a simple yet  innovative design for underarm crutches for children that grow with your child.

These crutches are tough, easy to maintain, will survive the most active child and have all the features of our Safewalk™ Custom Underarm Crutches with the additional feature that these crutches are designed to start out small and grow, both in overall length and arm length, as your child grows.

Starting at 35 inches in length from arm pad to tips, these crutches can be easily adjusted as your child grows, all the way to 45 inches.  The length of the distance from underarm pad to handle can also grow with your child.


These crutches are available in high tensile aluminum or titanium tubing. The aluminum versions are almost as strong as the titanium crutches but have the advantage of being extremely light and can be made for less then 1/2 the price of the equivalent titanium versions.

To adjust these crutches for children, all you have to do is remove two screws, slide the crutch apart and reinsert the screws. The screws are flush to the crutch so they won’t snag on fabrics or skin and they feature our double foot design so these crutches are safer and function better on a wide range of surfaces, including softer surfaces such as sand or mud.

Crutches fro Children - Design featuresCrutches for Children - Custom Welding

As these crutches, like all are products, are completely custom, we can usually find ways to adjust the critical dimensions so the crutches exactly meet your child’s needs.  Challenge us to make these crutches work for your child

You can also take advantage of our “Crutches for Children Crutch Swap Program.”

We know that these crutches will be so durable that they will outlast your child’s need for them… so when your child eventually grows out of them you can swap them for a 35% discount on your new Custom Welding crutches.

Crutches for Children – Ordering

If you would like us to make you a pair (or just one) of our custom crutches for children, please use the measurement list (below) to carefully describe your crutch requirements. Quotations are based upon time and materials plus shipping. We work hard to keep our pricing as low as possible. Ask us for a quote, you may be surprised by our pricing.

Please remember these crutches for children will outlast by many times the standard commercially available crutches.

A) Height of person.

B) Weight of person.

C) Measurement from top of underarm support to center on hand support.

D) Measurement from center of hand support to the ground.

E) Measurement from top of underarm support to ground using where possible present crutches.

F) The color and type of the tips that you would prefer. Not all colors or types are available. We can make the crutch to fit your existing tips.

Please feel free to contact us at Custom Welding to describe the crutches for children that you need!.

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