Custom Bariatric Crutches

Custom Bariatric Crutches – Exceptionally heavy duty crutches for larger or obese people.

While all our crutches are designed to be exceptionally strong and long lasting, we can also custom make both forearm crutches and underarm crutches that are built with oversize titanium tubing and reinforced handholds to ensure the safety of larger people.

Custom Bariatric Crutches


Please click on these links for more information about our custom underarm crutches or our custom forearm crutches.

If you would like us to make you a pair (or just one) of our custom bariatric crutches, please use the measurement list (below) to carefully describe your crutch requirements.  Quotations for custom bariatric crutches are based upon time and materials plus shipping.  While titanium is quite expensive at the moment we work hard to keep our pricing as low as possible.  Ask us for a quote, you may be surprised by our pricing.

Please remember that custom bariatric crutches that are made out of titanium will outlast by many times crutches that are made out of other materials.

As these are completely custom bariatric crutches, we will need the following information to make sure they are properly designed and sized.

A) Height of person.

B) Weight of person.

C) Measurement from top of underarm support to center on hand support.

D) Measurement from center of hand support to the ground.

E) Measurement from top of underarm support to ground using where possible  present crutches.

F) The color and type of the tips that you would prefer.  Not all colors or types are available.  We can make the crutch to fit your existing tips.

Please contact Custom Welding to describe the custom bariatric crutches that you need.


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