Custom Boat Ladders

Custom Boat Ladders – We have a lot of experience designing and building custom boat ladders for commercial dive / tour boats and for people with disabilities.

Having operated a day charter boat in the Caribbean, we know that boat ladders that work well with your boat and are also easy for your customers to use are hard to find. We have experimented with many different configurations of boat ladders and we understand how to make them as as safe and as easy to use as possible. Whether your crew or customers are wearing scuba equipment, have mobility issues or just don’t want to struggle getting into and out of the water we can make a custom boat ladder that will work for you.
We can make custom boat ladders out of stainless steel, aluminum and in certain situations, where it is warranted, we can use exotic materials such as titanium.
Custom Boat Ladders - Removeable Side Ladder

An Example of a Removable Side Custom Boat Ladder

Removable side custom boat ladders are an example of ladders designed to be put in place when it is needed and stored on the side of the boat when not in use.  The are  lightweight and easily moved from the storage position to where it is deployed.  These ladders provide easy access for most people and are capable of handling loads in excess of 400 pounds.  Custom boat ladders of these types have the following features:

  • All aluminum (or stainless steel/titanium/steel) construction for lightness and corrosion resistance.
  • The steps are 5 inches deep so they are easy on the feet
  • The steps are located 10 inches apart so that most people can easily step up to the next step without strain.
  • These ladders are quickly secured to and released from the deck with a deck bracket and quick release pins.
  • These ladders are designed to be submersed by at least 3 feet so people do not have to pull themselves up onto the first step.
  •  These ladders are two feet wide so people can easily brace themselves if the boat is moving.
  • Braces to hold the ladder away from the boat can be sized and placed to hold the ladder away from the boat at the appropriate angle.

In order to design and build the perfect boat ladder for your boat or yacht  we will need to understand the nature of your boat and the kind of customer or crew that are going to be using it.  Please take pictures and  provide hand drawings with the key dimensions and requirements as highlighted below.

If you would like us to make you a custom boat ladder please provide us with the information indicated below. Our ladders are completely custom so we will provide you with a quotation for your ladder.

  1. Describe the custom boat ladder that you wish  us to build – Specify dimensions, material and attach drawings/photographs etc to allow us to understand what we are making. Use the form below to send us this information
  2. We will review the information and decide if it is within our abilities.  If we can build your ladder we will then draw up precise set of digital drawings of the part.
  3. We will provide you with drawings and a quotation including shipping.  Any changes required can requested  at this time.  Changes may affect the quoted price.
  4.  With your approval we will ask you to pay the invoic e.   We will invoice you using Paypal.
  5. We will manufacture the part and ship to you.  Wherever you may be.

Please feel free to contact Custom Welding to ask us to design your custom boat ladder.

3 thoughts on “Custom Boat Ladders

  1. christine schluneger says:

    I am finding it impossible to find 2 boat loading ladders that I found pictures of online. I have a very bad back and need a better boarding ladder for our 2000 Crownline deck boat. If you can send me your email I can send you the pics of the ladders…….please advise and thank you in advance

  2. Michael Lamperelli says:

    Heres what i dont understand you show ladders but there is no way to buy them . Wy even advertise them you morons.,

    • Dear Michael,

      Thanks for your elegant critique. Your comments have given me the opportunity to explain that we make “custom” boat ladders. We do not have any on the shelf waiting to be purchased. Anyone who would like us to build them a ladder needs to explain where and how the ladder will be used so that we can recommend and design a ladder that will meet your needs. If you want us to help you with your ladder it starts with simply sending us a message…



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