Custom Crutches Testimonial


We ask Gary Kingsley, our first Safewalk™ Underarm Crutches customer to describe for us how he uses his crutches and why this crutch design works so well for him in the real world.

Gary, having lost his leg in a horrific motorcycle accident, has made use of his Safewalk™ custom crutches to keep active in sports and to operate a business that calls for extreme demands on crutches.  Imagine gathering 100 pound stones on a sand and stone beach while using crutches… and then imagine how strong and reliable your crutches would have to be.

Have to look.  Maybe these crutches can enable you or someone you know.

Custom Crutches Testimonial – Gary Kingsley

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One thought on “Custom Crutches Testimonial

  1. Thanks to Gary, I have the security of a safe underarm titanium crutch. My crutches have taken me to Brazil, South East Asia, and most of the Caribbean Islands. The double tip provides great security for the many stairs that I climb. I can sneak home at night because they are quiet! I can bend to pick things up easier as a result of the anchoring ability of the double tips. What is my biggest challenge? Keeping a constant supply of crutch tips!!!!!

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