Custom Forearm Crutches

Our Safewalk™ custom forearm crutches can be made from high tensile aluminum or titanium tubing and are innovative in many ways:

First of all, we can make these crutches from high tensile aluminum, almost a strong as titanium but extremely light or titanium for ultimate strength.  Aluminum forearm crutches can be custom made for less then half the price of titanium versions.  Titanium is the gold standard for crutch material however.

Secondly, these custom forearm crutches have much larger and safer foot print (dual tipped, patent pending) stated by “Cripple Children’s Canada” to be  the newest innovation in crutches in 20 years.  We really believe in the double foot design and this is why:

  • The foots non slip surface is at an optimal angle to the ground/floor when its needed most i.e. when the crutch is not up and down, when you are actively moving around using the using the crutch.
  • The additional area of the foot surface minimizes the chance of it slipping through drain grates etc and getting stuck in soft ground like beaches
  • The tips themselves last a lot longer because there are two sharing the load and the load is not on the edge of the foot.

And Thirdly, and most importantly, Custom Welding forearm crutches are custom crafted to exactly meet your needs.  We can make them in any form and we can also modify your existing crutches with new tubing to add strength and functionality.

Custom Forearm Crutches Features:

  • Fully custom design.  Each pair is built to your specifications, specifically for you.
  • You tell us what shape and kind of of cuff you need.
  • The cuff and cuff attachment with most designs are completely replaceable.  The cuff attachment is what usually wears out on a crutch and the cuff and cuff attachment on these crutches can be easily replaced.
  • The crutches are made out of one inch high tensile aluminum or titanium tubing for long lasting strength
  • We can also make these crutches extra strong for larger people (bariatric crutches)

Custom Forearm Crutches by Custom Welding

Custom Forearm Crutches – Ordering

If you would like us to make you a pair of our custom forearm crutches, please use the measurements list (below) to carefully describe your crutch requirements. Quotations are based upon time and materials plus shipping. While titanium is quite expensive at the moment we work hard to keep our pricing as low as possible. Ask us for a quote, you may be surprised by our pricing.

Please remember that our custom forearm crutches will outlast by many times commercially available forearm crutches.

As these are completely custom forearm crutches, we will need the following information to make sure they are properly designed and sized.

A) Height of person.

B) Weight of person.

C) Measurement from top of arm/cuff support to center on hand support.

D) Measurement from center of hand support to the ground.

E) Measurement from top of arm/cuff support to ground using where possible present crutches.

F) The color and type of the tips that you would prefer. Not all colors or types are available. We can make the crutch to fit your existing tips.

Please feel free to contact us at Custom Welding to describe the custom forearm crutches that you need!.

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