Custom Mobility Aids

We design and build innovative custom mobility aids including custom underarm crutches, custom forearm crutches, custom adjustable underarm crutches, crutches for children, custom bariatric crutches (crutches designed for larger people), canes, walkers and other devices as required to meet your needs.  If you can describe what your custom mobility aid needs to do, we can probably design and build it for you.

Custom Forearm Crutches

Custom Mobility Aids - Custom Forearm Crutches

Custom Underarm Crutches

Custom Mobility Aids - Custom Underarm Crutches

Adjustable Underarm Crutches

Custom Mobility Aids - Adjustable Underarm Crutches

Custom Canes

Custom Mobility Aids - Custom Canes


Shown above are our Surefoot™ canes, Safewalk™ Custom Underarm Crutches and Safewalk™ Custom Forearm Crutches that employdouble feet or tips to ensure a good grip even when the cane or crutch is at an angle.  Safewalk™ Custom Underarm Crutches are available as fixed or adjustable and can be built with high tensile aluminum or titanium tubing.  The high tensile aluminum versions are almost as strong as titanium, unbelievably light and are available at less then half the price of the equivalent titanium versions.

A Safewalk™ Custom Underarm Crutches customer describes his experience with these crutches in a video.

We also offer specialized crutches for children that grow with your child.  We have an exchange program that allows these crutches to be exchanged for a 35% discount on your next set of Custom Welding made crutches.

Custom Mobility Aids - Adjustable crutches for children that can grow with your child.

Custom Mobility Aids – Durable underarm crutches that can grow with your child

We participate in a few on-line disability forums to ensure that we get good feedback from the disabled community.  These forums include Disabilities R US, YoureAble Disability Forum, Apparelyzed Disability Equipment Forum and the Care Cure Community.  We suggest that you have a look at what they have to offer.

Like all the products we make, the price for your custom mobility aid will be based upon cost of materials and and a very reasonable $50 per hour labor charge.

Getting what you need with the right dimensions and strength to do the job requires careful design and documentation.

See below for the process that we follow:     

  1. Describe the mobility aid that you wish  us to build – Specify dimensions, material and attach drawings/photographs etc to allow us to understand what we are making. Use the form below to send us this information
  2. We will review the information and decide if it is within our abilities.
  3. We will provide you with drawings and a quotation including shipping.  Any changes required can requested  at this time.  Changes may affect the quoted price.
  4.  With your approval we will ask you to pay for your mobility aid.   We will invoice you using Paypal.
  5. We will manufacture the part and ship to you.  Wherever you may be.

Please contact us at Custom Welding to describe or order the custom mobility aid that you need.

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