Custom Underarm Crutches

Our Safewalk™ custom underarm crutches are hand crafted from high-tensile aluminum or titanium tubing and are innovative in many ways:

First of all, our custom underarm crutches have much larger and safer foot print (dual tipped, patent pending) stated by “Cripple Children’s Canada” to be  the newest innovation in crutches in 20 years. The two foot design also eliminates the weak point where the side tubes and the bottom tube comes together.

Secondly, the handholds and underarm supports are shaped from solid, marine grade, high density plastic and are virtually indestructible. The underarm supports have been carefully shaped to securely hold the crutch in place when walking while significantly reducing underarm chafe. Underarm and handhold padding can be easily added.

And thirdly, they are are available in both titanium and high tensile aluminum tubing. The aluminum tubing, though almost as strong as titanium, allows us to make these crutches for less than half the price of an equivalent titanium crutch. And as as bonus, they are unbelievably light.

Custom Underarm Crutches Features

  • Double footed so these crutches grip when it’s most required… when you’re walking with them.
  • Available in adjustable length versions that also can be taken apart for storage or travel.
  • Titanium or high tensile aluminum tube construction for optimal strength and lightness
  • Tubes are filled with high density foam so the crutches are quiet and will not collect moisture inside.
  • Double footed design also presents a much larger surface area which facilitates negotiating soft ground
  • Flush design so the crutch will not hang up or rip fabrics when brushed up against.
  • Available attachment points for flashlights and shopping bags etc.
  • Underarm supports are carefully shaped (ultra-thin) to significantly reduce chafe.
  • Crutch tips are filled to avoid cutting (cooking cutter effect) into the tips and can be sized to fit any crutch tip design.
  • Underarm supports can be equipped with magnets so they can be securely leaned against each other or vehicles during entry/exit.
  • We can also make these crutches extra strong for any sized  people (bariatric crutches).

Custom underarm crutches with and without padding

The custom underarm crutches shown above are two  examples of our crutch designs, one that is adjustable (built with titanium tubing) and the second is an aluminum non adjustable version equipped with hand and underarm padding. The adjustable crutch can be adjusted in overall length by simply removing two screws, sliding the crutch in or out “trombone style” and replacing the screws.  It takes less then a couple minutes to adjust or take the crutch apart.  These crutches are not only adjustable, but they are also quiet, elegant and completely reliable.

Our adjustable crutches can also be made small enough to be perfect for children who need long term crutches. This crutch design allows the  crutches to grow from 35 inches to 45 inches in overall length while also allowing the arm pad to handhold distance to change from 11 inches all the way to 16 inches. When your child eventually outgrows these crutches we also make it easy to upgrade to full size crutches by offering a 35% crutch exchange discount.

For those who prefer forearm crutches, we also make extremely strong forearm crutches. Not sure what style of crutch is best for you, please have a look at our blog entry Forearm crutches vs Underarm Crutches.

Sure, if you are recovering from a twisted ankle you may not need crutches as good as these but if you need crutches for the long term… these are the crutches for you.  Don’t let your crutches hold you back.

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If you would like us to make you a pair (or just one) of our custom underarm crutches, please use the measurement list (below) to carefully describe your crutch requirements.  Quotations for custom underarm crutches are based upon time and materials plus shipping.  We work hard to keep our pricing as low as possible.  Ask us for a quote, you may be surprised by our pricing.

As these are completely custom underarm crutches, we will need the following information to make sure they are properly designed and sized.

A) Height of person.

B) Weight of person.

C) Measurement from top of underarm support to center on hand support.

D) Measurement from center of hand support to the ground.

E) Measurement from top of underarm support to ground using where possible  present crutches.

F) The color and type of the tips that you would prefer.  Not all colors or types are available.  We can make the crutch to fit your existing tips or tip style.

Please contact Custom Welding to describe the custom underarm crutches that you need.

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5 thoughts on “Custom Underarm Crutches

  1. Gary Kingsley says:

    I’ve been using crutches for approx 22 years . For the first 10 years I was
    constantly buying aluminum crutches and wearing them out in as little as a
    week , maximum a month and was always worried in between .

    The Safewalk underarm crutches I now use are approx 8 to 9 years old and all I’ve had
    to do is change tips and every once in a while tighten the hand grips. Other than that
    they are quite strong, look nice and sleek and have a much larger footprint.
    This allows me better traction and less sinking in soft surfaces like sand
    and snow or small cracks in cement. The 2 tips work wonderfully giving my
    step a fluid motion that’s easy on my shoulders. These crutches give me the peace of mind of knowing I can relax and do whatever I want because the crutches are built to handle it.

  2. Lianne Powell says:

    I recently contacted Custom Welding to have a crutch made for myself Having one leg and walking with one crutch all my life I was getting so discouraged with the aluminum and wooden style crutches that are offered to the general public breaking on me. Not only have I been left in many dangerous precarious situations when the crutch would break, it was also very embarrassing.

    I first found titanium crutches offered by a company in the USA at double the price plus exchange rate. I was so happy to find there was an innovative Canadian company that could create what I call my last crutch. Not only is it a beautiful smooth dare I say piece of art, I am walking with the thought of it breaking and me falling to the ground never happening. It took about a week to become accustomed to the weight of the crutch which was more substantial than the aluminum I was used to and I thought the two tips would be hard to get used to but it is amazing how much more stable I feel walking. Looking forward to trying it out on a sandy beach.

    Thank you Custom Welding I absolutely love my new clutch.


  3. Thanks to Gary, I have the security of a safe underarm titanium crutch. My crutches have taken me to Brazil, South East Asia, and most of the Caribbean Islands. The double tip provides great security for the many stairs that I climb. I can sneak home at night because they are quiet! I can bend to pick things up easier as a result of the anchoring ability of the double tips. What is my biggest challenge? Keeping a constant supply of crutch tips!!!!!

  4. Hugh Taylor says:

    First – where are you ? we are in Toronto Canada

    • Custom Welding and Design is located in Saint John New Brunswick. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask. Sincerely, Rob

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