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We are a New Brunswick (Canada) company.  With the decline of manufacturing industry in North America, many skilled trades workers are without steady employment. The province of New Brunswick, in particular, has workers that have built oil refineries, nuclear generating stations and pulp and paper plants but are now being forced to leave their homes and families for the oil patch in Alberta and further afield. Our mission is to attract work from around the world to generate steady, reliable employment for New Brunswick’s skilled workers. New Brunswick’s low cost, yet high quality of living and our skilled, conscientious and resourceful tradespeople enable us to produce very high quality custom metal products for a very reasonable price.

Custom Welding Founders

Robert Ash  (P. Eng) –   Rob is a veteran of the communications Industry having been involved with most aspects of telephony engineering and marketing with the now taken over New Brunswick Telephone Company.  He was until recently the owner of a day charter boat in St Maarten Dutch West Indies. For more information on Lord Sheffield Tall Ship Adventures please go to

Robert Ash - Founder Custom Welding and Design

Robert Ash – Founder Custom Welding and Design

Gary Austin – Boat Builder/Welder/Entrepreneur –  Gary over a long a varied career as mechanic, welder, boat builder and consultant has worked in the in the LNG industry, the Salmon farming industry and in the ship repair and modification industry.  Gary is creative, resourceful and likes to work with his clients to produce optimal solutions to their problems.  He is also an artist when it comes boat repair including boats made of ferrocement. Some of Gary’s trade certifications include:

  • High Pressure Welding Ticket
  • Special Tig Welding Ticket
  • Government issued high pressure vessels including breathing systems hydro testing.
  • Mechanical drafting and blueprints certification
Gary Austin - Founder Custom Welding and Manufacturing

Gary Austin – Founder Custom Welding and Manufacturing


About Custom Welding  – Pricing Philosophy:

While Custom Welding and Design will stand stand by our quotations, they are based upon time and materials with a very reasonable hourly rate of $50 USD per hour. Shipping will be added to the price as appropriate.

About Custom Welding – Contact Information

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2 thoughts on “Custom Welding and Design – Who We Are

  1. Hello Rob, I just found your website & was curious if your repairs of ferrocement boats utilize epoxies for fairing of the hull & or damage repair.
    I purchased a Ferro boat that has been 100% sheathed outside & inside with fiberglass cloth & epoxy resin, (West Systems).The hull was also faired using epoxy fairing compound. I’m now questioning weather this is a good or bad thing.
    I have read a couple web articles that state that epoxies & cement expand & contract @ much different rates. Would you happen to know if this is truly an issue or just web opinions?
    Thank you for any onsite you may have.
    Kevin Hueser
    Annapolis, MD

    • Dear Kevin,

      Epoxy is the material you use to fair ferro boats. Ideally the boat should have been plastered such that a minimum of epoxy would be required. In my experience epoxy ‘grips’ well to ferrocement and I have never seen it pealing or flaking.



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