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New Forearm Crutch Design


Custom Welding would like to introduce a brand new custom forearm crutch design. These crutches are made from titanium and are suitable for very active or larger individuals. They have the following features:

  • All titanium or titanium-aluminum composite tubing for strength, safety and durability
  • Flexible, and adjustable nylon arm cuffs.  Will fit any sized arm.
  • Multiple position hand-holds that can be adjusted for larger or smaller hand support areas
  • Can be made to support larger individuals or bariatric applications.
  • Absolutely smooth exterior with no sharp edges to snag skin or fabrics.
  • Are available in polished metal or in various colors
  • Tubes are filled with high density foam to prevent condensation and moisture build up.
  • And of course, these crutches are completely custom and are built to exactly meet your needs

Contact us at Custom Welding if you would like to learn more about these crutches.

Underarm Crutches vs Forearm Crutches

We are hearing  a lot of strongly expressed views regarding the wisdom of using underarm crutches vs forearm crutches.  As we make both forearm and underarm crutches, we felt that we should explore the strengths and weaknesses of each type so that we can better advise our customers. It is apparent, after speaking with many […] Continue reading →