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Custom Aluminum Underarm Crutches

We have just completed are first pair of custom aluminum underarm crutches.  They are made exactly like our titanium crutches and have all the same features but can be made for less than 1/2 the price because we use high tensile aluminum tubing instead of titanium.

custom aluminum underarm crutches

Safewalk™ Custom Aluminum Underarm Crutches

These crutches are “almost” as strong as our titanium crutches and that means that  they are very strong indeed.  Aluminum is more flexible and has different surface characteristics then titanium but we are very happy with they way they turned out.  At the moment we are waxing these crutches to prepare the surface but if there is demand we will also be able to have them anodized in different colors.

Another feature of making these crutches from aluminum is that they are unbelievably light.  For small to medium size people these crutches just might be the best compromise of weight, strength, safety and reliability.  They will almost certainly be the last crutches you  will ever need to own.

Other features shared with our titanium crutches include:

Features of  Safewalk™ Aluminum Custom Underarm Crutches

  • Available in adjustable length versions that also can be taken apart for storage or travel.
  • Tubes are filled with high density foam so the crutches are quiet and will not collect moisture inside.
  • Double footed so the crutches grip when its most required.  When you’re moving around.
  • Double footed design also presents a much larger surface area which facilitates negotiating soft ground
  • Flush design so the crutch will not hang up or rip fabrics when brushed up against.
  • Available attachment points for flashlights and shopping bags etc.
  • Underarm crutch pads that are ultra-thin to reduce chafe.
  • Crutch tips are filled to avoid sharp tip cutting surfaces and can be adjusted to fit any sized crutch tip.
  • Under arm crutch pads can be equipped with rare earth magnets so they can be securely leaned against cars or other vehicles during entry/exit.
  • These crutches are custom fit to each individual so no weak points are introduced.

If you are interested please feel free to ask us for a quote.


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Underarm Crutches vs Forearm Crutches

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New Adjustable Underarm Crutches

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